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1What is Meal Plan by Maa Ka Dulaar?
Meal Plan by Maa Ka Dulaar is a system through which you can get healthy, home-cooked food delivered to your home or office on a subscription basis. The subscriber can choose a meal plan from the categories available and can customize the meal type, number of meals and set the delivery dates.
2What is the time of ordering food for lunch and dinner?
We take prior orders for lunch and dinner to avoid confusion. For lunch, you can call and book by 9 am on the same day. For dinner, you can call and book by 6 pm and will take the order. However, if you cancel the order after this time then the amount will get deducted from your subscription amount.
3What are the categories available in Meal Plan?
Currently we are serving in two categories – Regular Meal and Mini Meal. Within the Regular Meal if you would enroll for one week you would be entitled to get one surprise meal but, if selected the mini meal for a one-week trial, you would not be entitled to get the surprise meal. Extra payment would have to be made to avail the surprise meal.
4What are the standard delivery timings?
Lunch is delivered in 11:30 am to 2 pm window, and Dinner is delivered in between of 7:30 pm & 9 pm.
5Do I have to choose the meals daily?
You will be asked to set your preferences – and set the delivery dates based on your convenience at the time of purchasing your subscription. We make the use of this information to deliver the scrumptious meals to you on the selected delivery dates. We also have a 24-hour cancellation policy. The cut off period for cancellation of lunch orders is 9PM (on the previous day) and 4 PM (same day) for dinner orders.
6What is the difference between the two categories?
We currently offer two categories in Bangalore – Regular Meal & Mini Meal. A Regular Meal subscription will include rice and/or bread, sabzi, dal, salad, curd and pickle. It will also include our surprise special meal if you would enroll for the weekly or monthly plan. A Mini meal subscription will include rice or bread, sabzi and curry. On subscribing for the Mini Meal one-week trial you will not be entitled to get the surprise special meal along with it. You will be required to pay extra for it. Please note, the meal plans under both the categories are customizable and can be modified according to your taste and dietary preferences
7What are the areas covered by Maa Ka Dulaar?
For serviceable areas please visit this link If your area is not in the present in the above link, please fill this support form support form and we will contact you with the best possible solution.
8Can I change my address after I have purchased a subscription?
Yes. You can easily change your address after the initial purchase has been made. You can go to the account details section of your profile on the Maa Ka Dulaar website and update it with your new address.
9Can lunch and dinner be delivered to two different addresses?
Yes, you can get lunch and dinner delivered to two different addresses. Each meal plan requires a unique subscription thereby, making it possible to get your meals delivered to your preferred different addresses.
10Can we cancel a meal on any given day once a subscription is taken?
Yes. You can cancel a meal from your subscription 24 hours in advance. The credit for the cancelled meal will be carried forward and can be added-on in your meal subscription.
11Can we get a trial subscription?
We currently offer a short term, one-week meal subscription plan which has no validity. With this basic plan, you can enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals from our daily-changing menu. Please note, we have no restriction on trial plan usage, you can avail it within a week or a month. We serve till Mon to Saturday and based on your availability you can avail the trial.
12Can I get a refund for a cancelled subscription?
If you are unsatisfied with the food or unhappy with our services, we will provide you with refund on a pro rata basis i.e., you will be refunded based on the number of meals you have consumed from your subscription provided, you have already started your subscription.