About Maa Ka Dulaar

Maa ka Dulaar is a unit network connecting all the Indian mothers in Bangalore and Aligarh experimenting with their expertise of cooking meal. The idea is to deliver “Ghar ka Khana” to the ones living away from home. Here, the regional food is prepared by women who are expert in cooking your favorite recipe. Above all, quality and freshness is our priority. We understand the pain of living in unhygenic Hostel / PG and the paucity of time to cook for the self. This initiative is a drive to help you stay healthy and get good food. Moreover, Maa Ka Dulaar is serving, by providing with a source of living, to the potential women and by empowering the house wives to showcase and use their skills to procure a respect in the society.

Mera Kal Aapka Aaj, bus isliye Maa ka Dulaar

Who would better understand your pain than me! This is so because I had been in your very shoes for several years and had tried every single option available out there. I had come, all the way from the northern part of the nation, with the attitude of a tourist and had never given food even a second thought, until I begun the very hunt for the meal to which I had always taken for granted- my GHAR KA KHANA. There and then every single stop of mine had been turned into a bogus claim of vendors.

There also came a time when I had literally compromised with my taste buds and with my health, as I had to eat poor quality food in the mess. Later, with further interactions to my peers and strangers, I came to know that I was not the odd one out rather this is the story of every individual living away from their home.

This is where the experience led to conceptualization of a unique idea- Maa Ka Dulaar. The exemplary food company, serving authentic and mouth-watering delicacies , is led by Mr. Shekhar Mittal who believes Ghar Ka Khana is the only delicacy that satisfies your hunger.