Why Maa Ka Dulaar?

We believe to run a successful business from scratch for which the most important driving factor is ‘commitment’. The commitment that we promise to our complete team. Maa ka Dulaar, being an initiative to help people across age groups, has a dedicated team of passionate staff who are professional enough in their expertise. Acknowledging the fact that the root of a small business is developed by building trustworthy relationship and loyal customers, we put our 100% efforts to satisfy you with our services.

This project is led by Mr. Shekhar Mittal who is one amongst you. He had been through the sufferings of hungry and unsatisfied stomach every night and day. Moreover, it is more painful when you have to burn a huge hole in your pocket in the name of paying restaurant bills for the fancy food items. Considering all of the challenges faced by you, we bring unto you the quality meals at the most affordable prices.

The food is known by its aroma and special ingredients that a particular chef uses to prepare it. Ingredients used by chefs in our team are personally hand-picked and wisely chosen. The good quality of rice, wheat, pulses and fresh vegetables. We take special care to select healthy green and seasonable veggies. We use varieties, all of best quality, of masalas(spices) and oil to cook your meal. Also, the special ingredients can be added or avoided according to a customer’s demand. Because, our purpose is to see you smiling and fit & healthy.

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